Geeks Judging Geeks is Fail

Note: Originally shared on my Google Plus page.

The other day my wife and I were at a local game shop in Wichita browsing around, digging on all the boxed up eye candy. There was another gentleman browsing as well, older than us, clearly there on his lunch break from work based on his attire.

The man overheard my wife and I talking and proceeded to strike up a conversation about games. We talked a bit, browsing all the while. He mentioned some games he liked based on what my wife and I were talking about. We were talking about how we want some games based on pirates!

He eventually chose something to buy and we couldn't decide on anything so I thought I'd grab some #mtg booster packs on my way out. As we were all checking out, I asked the guy if he had a group that he games with. He simply responded with "Yes".

Oooookay. I opened the door. Clearly he didn't want to, or know how to, walk through it.

A bit later he asked "so you didn't find anything?"

I replied "No, just thought I'd pick up some Magic cards while I'm here".

The guy then turned his lip up in disgust and said "Magic, eck!" as equally disgusted as his look implied.

It's bad enough that we still live in a world where geeks are judged for liking what we like by self proclaimed "cool" people. But to be treated that way by a peer?

I saw the game he chose. I was curious. I enjoy finding out what other people like to play. I didn't think I'd care for it. It didn't look that interesting to me. But I wasn't about to judge him for his choice. Just like I don't judge people that don't like #tabletop games at all. I question their existence, but I don't judge them. ;o)

People like what they like how they like it. This applies across the board; movies, music, tabletop games, video games, sports. And with that, I leave you with Wil Wheaton 's take on it this very topic.